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Soldering fume purifier application range
The solder fume purifier can effectively absorb and filter the smoke or dust generated in the production process, and at the same time adsorb and poison the tox……detailed
Soldering fume purifier advantage
Wuxi Bangxin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological company that independently develops smoke purifiers. The company's main produc……detailed
Environmental legislation promotes
The newly passed environmental tax law will be implemented on January 1, 2018. It must be noted that the environmental tax is relatively more technical than som……detailed
Laser cuts off the harm of dust to the human body
Welding fume refers to solid particles formed during the production process and capable of floating in the air for a long time due to welding.……detailed
Industrial purification
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economic construction, people's living standards have gradually increased……detailed
Professional manufacturer of smoke purifier
With the changes in environmental values and concerns about their own health, the concept of green environmental protection has gradually sneaked into the heart……detailed
How much does a smoke purifier cost? How much does a smoke purifier cost?
Solder smoke has always plagued the operators on the assembly line. Everyone knows that long-term exposure is harmful to people. How much harm does solder have ……detailed
How to choose a laser smoke purifier How to choose a laser smoke purifier
With the rapid development of the laser industry, a variety of laser fume purifier products that can purify exhaust dust have emerged.……detailed
Welding fume and how to control the damage Welding fume and how to control the damage
There are two ways to control the welding fumes and harmful gases in the way of transmission: overall ventilation and local exhaust. The overall ventilation……detailed
What is a smoke purifier? Where is the application? What is a smoke purifier? Where is the application?
Through the gravitational action of the fan, the welding fumes are sucked into the air inlet of the device through the universal suction hood,……detailed
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