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BCB-X550 Pro Smoke Processor

hotBCB-P550 Smoke Processor

BCB-P series is a new generation flagship smoke processor launched by Boner Trust. The P series smoke processor has two different power options: 500w and 1000w on the fan.

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BCB-P550 Smoke Processor BCB-P550 Smoke Processor BCB-P550 Smoke Processor
BCB-X550 smoke processor

hot BCB-P500S Smoke Processor

The whole BCB-P500 S and P1000 S smoke processors are made of stainless steel, designed for the workshop environment with higher requirements for protection level, and the IP protection level......

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BCB-P500S Smoke Processor BCB-P500S Smoke Processor BCB-P500S Smoke Processor
BCA-S200 Smoke Purification Processor

hotBCA-S200 Smoke Purification Processor

The BCA-S200 laser marking smoke processor adopts a multi-stage filter purification system, and the purification efficiency is as high as 99.97%

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Laser smoke processor Laser smoke processor Laser smoke processor

Has many years of experience

Independent research and development

1. Wuxi State and letter have been committed to the purification of smoke, smoke and odor in industry in recent years.
2. Banghexin is a professional manufacturer of self-developed smoke processors.
3. Independent research and development, production of laser marking smoke processor,
laser welding smoke processor, etc.

Have a professional team

Wide range of products

1.Bonrxin has a strong R&D team with support technology and 16 years of industry experience.
2.Products are widely used in: laser marking, food and medicine,
automotive vehicles, Laser processing, electronic lead-and-tin welding,
industrial electric welding, and dust removal in factories
Deodorization and other fields.

Strong research and development strength

Superior product function

1.The company has strong scale, rich product lines in the workshop and
overall ventilation of the plant.
2.The smoke processor uses a brushless DC motor with long life,
low noise and high air volume.
3.Smoke filter integrated structure design, easy to use, flexible to
move, no need to lay smoking pipes
4.The smoke treatment is designed with multiple filters to ensure the removal of harmful substances
from the smoke and protect the human body

Smoke purifier product quality assurance

Provide customized services to customers

1.We have established a complete inspection process and system for finished products and semi-finished products.
And equipped with on-site professional and technical personnel to carry out on-site processing guidance to ensure the technology of the product,
Reliability, strengthen the inspection of products and ensure product quality.

Service system guarantee

Caring service

The state-of-the-art service of the company's smoke processor from
research and development, design, production, commissioning, logistics and after-sales
service is only a good product for your satisfaction.
Service hotline: 0510-85753378



Wuxi BONRXIN Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, the center of China's Internet of Things.Our purification equipment is self-developed and has a team of engineers with more than 16 years of industry experience. The products are mainly used in the smoke, dust, particulate matter and odor purification treatment of various production and processing



solution ouch our customers with professionalism

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