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Laser marking smoke purifier
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Laser soot purifier
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How smoke purifiers work
Re-environmental protection The welding fume purifier designed to control the fine metal particles that are currently suspended in the air and is harmful to the……详细
The characteristics of the welding fume purifier are as follows
The electronic control adopts overcurrent overload protection device, which has simple structure, high safety and easy operation. 2. Advanced fan design, large ……详细
Laser scribing dust purifier
The welding fume purifier is used for the purification of soot and dust in the processes of welding, cutting, grinding, etc., as well as the recovery of rare me……详细
The difference between industrial purifiers and household air purifiers
The smog in the autumn and winter seasons has increased, and people have reduced the ventilation time for opening windows. The long-term confined space makes th……详细
Smoke Processor BCB-350W-YF Smoke Processor BCB-350W-YF
This product is a purification product for dust, odor, toxic and harmful gases generated by laser marking, laser engraving, cutting, grinding and other occasion……详细
Mobile welding fume purifier Mobile welding fume purifier
The welding fume purifier is an industrial environmental protection equipment, which is usually used in welding places such as soldering and hand arc welding to……详细
Electrostatic precipitator to remove lead soldering smoke
Lead-solder soldering smoke electrostatic precipitator is mainly used in the manufacture and maintenance of electrical appliances, electronics, home appliances,……详细
The role of laser smoke filtering equipment
Some toxic substances are often produced during welding operations. Such as: acetaldehyde, rosin acid, isocyanate, nitrogen oxides, sulfides,……详细
Welding smoke purifier works
The welding fume purifier is mainly used in the welding station. It can capture and collect various kinds of soot generated by welding into the interior of the ……详细
Welding smoke generation and composition
It has the characteristics of high purification efficiency, low noise, flexible use and small floor space. Suitable for arc welding, carbon dioxide protection w……详细
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