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Electrostatic precipitator to remove lead soldering smoke

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Lead-solder soldering smoke electrostatic precipitator is mainly used in the manufacture and maintenance of electrical appliances, electronics, home appliances, etc., and the smoke and dust (including lead, tin, rosin, acid dust, etc.) that are volatilized by lead and solder. Purification is mainly used to prevent lead poisoning and toxic gases from being contaminated by indoor and outdoor air.
working principle:
DH series lead-solder welding smoke electrostatic precipitator, equipped with a unique soot suction unit, the smoke passes through the purifier, under the action of high-pressure plasma electric field, the tiny soot particles and the gas are ionized and charged, the charged tiny ions Collected by the adsorption unit, and flowed into and deposited in the storage box of the dust collector, the harmful gas in the smoke is removed by the activated carbon on the electric field side, the harmful gas is removed, and the dust removal rate is determined by the State Environmental Protection Administration. The detection rate is over 91%, and the clean air is discharged through the air outlet and discharged to the standard.
Technical features:
The electric field of the purification unit adopts a cascade-type multi-component combination method, which can efficiently collect soot particles of different particle sizes, and has high purification efficiency, and the average can reach more than 90%.
The high-frequency electrostatic power control system automatically adjusts the electric field strength energy, which enables the soot purification equipment to maintain a high purification rate after long-term operation.
The high-frequency electrostatic power supply control system is in one-to-one correspondence with each purification unit, and the working state of each purification unit can be observed at any time, which is convenient for maintenance and repair.
The high-frequency electrostatic power control system has an over-current and over-voltage automatic protection device to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
Each cascade cleaning unit can be flexibly combined. According to different purification rate requirements, the number of units can be adaptively adjusted, thereby reducing the cost of the equipment.
Each cascade purification unit adopts a split drawer design, which is easy to install and easy to clean.
The device is small in size, light in weight and small in footprint.
The use of corrosion-resistant materials, long service life and other advantages.
The DH series lead soldering soldering electrostatic precipitator is an improved product design with reference to the imported prototype, and the internal unit is equipped with a unique bumper structure unit (composite type). The product identification by the Science and Technology Bureau is the first in China and fills the domestic blank.
1. High purification efficiency and stable operation;
2, compact structure, novel, small size, light weight, modular structure design;
3. The noise is less than 45db (A) and the phoenix resistance is less than 45Pa;
4. Low operating cost and low power consumption;
5, easy to clean and maintain, long service life;
6, safe and reliable, the price is reasonable.
Application of DH-smoke purifier:
Some toxic substances are often produced during welding operations. Such as: acetaldehyde, rosin acid, isocyanate, hydrocarbons and the like. These toxic substances are seriously devour human health. Lead to the emergence of many occupational diseases. Such as: lung cancer, asthma, eczema, bronchitis, skin allergies, respiratory infections, etc. The DH series lead solder fume electrostatic precipitator can effectively purify the air.
1. Welding fume purification
At the same time, a total of 1-6 people can be cleaned by solder fumes, and the length of the smoking pipe is no more than 6m.
2, wave soldering machine, reflow soldering machine, smoke exhaust purification
Use DH series lead-solder welding smoke electrostatic precipitator, can not discharge the smoke generated by reflow oven and wave soldering to the outside, but after purifying it, directly discharge indoors, recycle, reduce indoor air negative pressure to clean The impact of the degree, no longer need to lay a cumbersome piping system in the plant.
3, welding fume purification
It can be used for 1-2 welding stations at the same time, and the smoking pipe length is no more than 3m.
4, laser engraving dust purification
It can be used for 1-2 stations at the same time, and the smoking pipe length is no more than 3m.

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